Toyota Highlander retrofit Hella 5 bi xenon projector

The poor brightness of Toyota Highlander halogen front lights is as well dim to drive on roadway. Mike has actually considered upgrading the OEM halogen light bulb for a long time. Trigger he has run it with a long distance for 5 years. He pertained to our store as well as select the retrofit kit to upgrade his front lights.


The replacement set consists of:
Hella 5 bi xenon projector
Cnlight HID bulb
Aozoom ballast
White angle eye


We opened the bumper and also removed the housing. Cover the housing with a plastic wrap to keep it from damages when home heating in the oven. After heating, open up the cover and also clean the glue in the channel. That can help to secure the cover and the housing very closely when mounting. Since the Hella bi xenon projector is larger than the OEM ones, it requires to eliminate the extra metal plate and drill some holes to fit the housing.


Set up the hid retrofit kits light bulb right into the bi xenon projector after the projector is mounted well. The important action-- test the light beam pattern. After that wiring to the correct side and also mount the ballast.


  • Accumulate the housing as well as the bumper.
  • The tuning is done. The light is brighter that Mike never saw before.
  • Now he can drive his Highlander despite the countryside or city roadway with a broad lighting.
  • And he would certainly be no longer bothered with the dimmer roadway situation.

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