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Hyundai Veloster Projector Retrofit with Aozoom Ballast

Jason had actually been taking a look at the Veloster headlights since the dim headlight had actually bothered him during the night driving for a while. He's very much comprised of his mind. He brought Hella 5 bi-xenon projector, Philips XV4800K D1S HID light bulb as well as Aozoom D1S Replacement HID Ballast in the aftermarket.

And after that he is called to help him make the upgrade for his vehicle.

We rapidly disassembled the real estate step by step.

  • Obtained the headlight out and also prepared for breakdown
    Took headlights back separately, cut out plastic around the projector, removed OEM reflector
    Adjusted the aftermarket Hella5 projector to fit the real estate including slicing metal edges and drilling some opening of the bi-xenon projector, install the projector right into the real estate
    Mounted the replacement HID ballast when projector installation finished
  • Evaluated light pattern for the new projector to abide to DOT requirement and also change the light elevation

The light beam or light pattern or Hella projector

When all the retrofit process was done, the illumination of the headlight had been boosted when the light bulb was built for the evening. The new projector kit with Aozoom ballast is made to replace the damaged OEM D1S ballast and completely collaborate with Philips or other brand names D1S HID light bulb on one of the most European vehicles. Offering a sturdy and successful circumstance.

Retrofit projector with a high-performance ballast can be useful for the HID bulb. The ballast is power with the continuous power, no matter how input voltages are adjusted, it can supply the power to the HID light bulb, making the variation of power, which can extend the working life expectancy of ballast and HID.

If you intend to upgrade your ballast, you can also see in here to learn more as well as information. What's more, you can contact us in anytime when you are questioning the ballasts or aftermarket projectors retrofit. We are right here for addressing the confusion that you require.

Hyundai Mistra High Beam or Light Projector Retrofit

Our customer has a Hyundai Mistra, he had seen a claim that they were installed as high beam or light LED lights, but he could not find any type or information on the projector by himself. His OEM dust caps are not fit for his new 5500K HID bulb. The OEM reflector can not focus light, the cutoff line was not clear to see. So contact us to choose an appropriate projector for his HID light bulb and also retrofit HID front lights projector too.


Since the Mistra real estate had enough room to include a 3-inch projector, we pick an E55-R retrofitting Concealed front lights projector to match the new HID bulb for the upgrade.


Open up the real estate - we took the bumper off to take out the real estate. And after that the lens cover is off.

Install E55-R retrofitting Hid front lights projector - installed HID bulb right into the job, mount the projector in the housing. Since the setting of the  retrofit kit was not entirely on the manufacturing facility of the projector, it required the bi-xenon projector to fit the real estate. Dremeled the pointers on the surface of the surround trim item.

Align cutoff - it is essential to cut up to DOT that does not impress approaching traffic. The front lights back in, it's no concern of it.

  • The high beam and reduced light beam
  • It can be seen that the low and high beam is brighter on the hotspot that brightens a longer distance on road. It is the result photo driving on road below.
  • The high beam of light
  • The low light beam

Retrofitting an appropriate projector can enhance the headlight bulb to focus light without scattering beam. It is not just the driving vision but likewise is beneficial to the motorists to stay clear or oncoming traffic risk. With an intense headlight projector kit, it would improve driving effectiveness and also stop the crash beforehand. If you wish to select an ideal projector that can be used in anytime, we are pleased to answer your question and also use your car lighting remedy.

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